The Beginning of My Journey

Today is July 1st and as I reflect back at the first half of this year I am amazed at where I am today. By the end of 2006 I had decided to leave the homeschool charter school I belonged to so that I could have control over what my kids were learning at home. I immediately joined a private homeschool group and started searching for curriculum for my kids. I started using BJU Press. I was inspired by a lady in my homeschool group as she talked about the curriculum she uses. She had just started using Sonlight a few months earlier and was loving it. I immediately looked into it when I got home that day. I spent the next few months seriously looking into this curriculum. I just knew it would be the right fit for all of us. For me as their teacher and for my kids to develop a love of learning. I am not going into great detail about the curriculum itself because it really isn’t the main focus of why I am writing. It was a major part of how I am where I am today.

At the same time I joined the private homeschool group, I stopped going to the church I had been attending. Except for our Awana’s commitment on Wed. nights we were not attending at all. And I knew in my heart that as soon as Awana’s ended we would no longer be going back. I can tell you so many things that were bothering me while I was there but in hindsight I can see that leaving put me in a place of being able to here about the catholic faith without the biased judgements from the protestant church I was attending.

I purchased our curriculum from Sonlight at the end of April and received free membership for 1 year to join their Sonlight forums online. I was hooked immediately. The SL forums are a great place to talk to others about what to use, how to use it, how to schedule, encouragement and support for different needs and different ages of your kids, and to meet with others for prayer and sharing. In the SL forums there is a place called Life Long Learners (LLL for short) where the discussions are usually about God, the bible, doctrines, what it means to be a christian, and different beliefs. The people who frequent these forums are from all different backgrounds, such as Catholic, Baptist, Pentacostal, Mormon, non-denomination, and even atheist. I was hooked right from the start. There are some great conversations there and often some great debates. I mostly lurked and stayed away from posting.

Sometime at the beginning of June someone started a thread in LLL that asked the question “Can God call some to Catholicism” and my immediate response was to send her a Private message urging her not to even consider it. But I didn’t and instead I read the discussion with great interest. I was drawn to the RC ladies and the knowledge they shared. I found myself agreeing with much of what they said. But how could that be? I dont agree with catholicism. They also displayed something else that I have been searching for in my own walk with Christ. They showed love and unity with one another. Not only toward one another but also love to those who were coming at them with opposition. I often found the opposition to be very hostile toward catholicism and offensive in their responses. The RC ladies handled it with such love in their posts, always aware that their may be lurkers like myself who are truly interested in understanding what catholicism teaches. I just loved what I was learning and for the first time I was able to understand and agree with many of the teachings.

At some point during this thread I found myself posting a response in defense of what one of the RC ladies had posted. Shortly after, I was invited by these ladies to join their online group called the Catholicspitfiregrill. This is a place where I could come and learn more about the catholic faith from people who have already travelled this way before. Many, if not all, have converted as adults to catholicism.

I took me no time at all to see that God had brought me here. He had softened my heart and opened my eyes to see truth in the catholic church. I am truly filled with joy as I walk this path. I immediately inquired about RCIA classes at the parish near my house. I have been to Mass twice now since being open to becomming catholic and I have been amazed at what I have missed all this time. I am able to see what the Mass really is and how it is all about Christ Jesus our Lord. The few times I had been to Mass before, I was so busy judging them as being idolators caught up in traditions and religious repetition, that I missed what it is really about.

This is just the beginning of my journey into the catholic faith. I will go into more detail about what I am learning and have learned in other blogs.

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